Open Source Cloud Services

We're taking on Big Tech to provide personalized cloud service solutions based on established open source software projects.


Without choices, there can be no freedom. We provide an alternative to Big Tech.


Keep your business YOUR business and ditch the tracking and spyware from Big Tech.


Using end-to-end encryption keeps your data secure- even from us.

Why Work With Us

OPEN SOURCE - We make extensive use of open source software, which means there is no danger of vendor lock-in as with proprietary software vendors.

EXPERIENCE - We have over 20 years' experience developing, deploying, and utilizing cutting-edge open source technology solutions in both corporate and private sectors.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY - We work with modern technologies such as Linux, Kubernetes, Docker containers, and more to provide solutions that are both stable and up to date.

CONSERVATIVE VALUES - Unlike large tech conglomerates, we hold values like faith, freedom, and family and stand for the rights of individuals over big government and corporations.

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